‘I have been following this with great fascination. Future Arctic Council Senior Arctic Officials in the making’ – Ambassador Petteri Vuorimäkki, Senior Arctic Official for Finland

Delegates to Polar Aspect MACs such as OMAC find them inspiring and enjoyable, and teachers value their educational benefits.  Read on for a small selection of comments about past OMAC conferences and delegate training.

OMAC Conferences

‘Brilliant, as always, thank you’ – Delegate

‘I didn’t think a conference could be this good online’ – Delegate

‘It was a great experience! The Secretariat and Director were brilliant and kept the conference running smoothly’ – Delegate

‘Really good and well organised, and with good advice regarding preparatory research and what to expect in the conference’ – Delegate

‘I learned a great deal and I improved my oral speaking, negotiating and writing skills!’ – Delegate

‘I loved the opportunity to participate online because there is nowhere in a 400 km radius of my hometown that would allow me the chance to engage in a diplomacy conference of any manner’ – Delegate

‘This initial experience has inspired me to consider diplomacy as a potential career path! Thank you so much!’ – Delegate

‘Thank you so much for hosting this event, I’ve learnt so much and I look forward to participating in more events in the future!  I’d also like to thank you for making my online experience such a pleasant one. It was a very comfortable and welcoming environment where I felt listened to, just as if I was there in person which was particularly special.’ – Delegate

OMAC Delegate Training

‘Brilliant, the most effective online meeting that I have yet attended’ – Delegate

‘It was really fun and I learnt so much in a short time!!! :-)’ – Delegate

‘It was organised really well and it was a pleasure to take part’ – Delegate

‘It has been incredibly interesting and insightful!’ – Delegate

‘Dr. Anthony has helped me a lot because when I did not know what to do, he has helped me smoothly’ – Delegate

‘All the training sessions were really interesting and all the participants as well as Secretariat were incredibly helpful! Thank you for letting us take part in this amazing opportunity!’ – Delegate

‘Thank you very much and I really appreciate this experience.  It is pleasure to meet people from different places’ – Delegate

‘An amazing experience, really looking forward to attending more OMAC conferences in future’ – Delegate